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Medical training. Surgical expertise. Doctoral Audiologists.

The medical professionals at CNC Hearing and Balance Center offer a deep understanding of hearing and balance issues based on decades of training and experience. Led by internationally renowned Neurotologist Moises Arriaga, MD, our staff is qualified to diagnose, treat and help you manage your hearing loss.

As a neurotologist, Dr. Arriaga is trained as both an otologic neurosurgeon (neurotology) and head and neck surgeon. Dr. Arriaga is president -elect of the American Neurotology Society as well as the past President of the Otosclerosis Study Group. He is widely respected in his field and is coeditor of “Otologic Surgery,” the most popular ear surgery textbook since it was first published almost 20 years ago.

Our staff emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to the many causes of hearing loss. We conduct thorough evaluations of not only the inner ear and its workings but also how it relates to the nerves in processing problems with hearing, balance or skull base tumors. This approach is truly a comprehensive evaluation of hearing loss. Not only does our staff offer clinical treatment of hearing problems, Dr. Arriaga can also address more serious conditions  that may require surgical reconstruction of the ear, placement of specialized hearing devices or cochlear implants. We are equipped to treat not only medical problems relating to balance but we also coordinate with neurologists for additional conditions that might be affecting your hearing and balance such as migraines or brain circulation issues. In addition, we consult frequently with the physical therapists located in our clinic. They are trained in rehabilitating physical issues stemming from hearing and balance disorders. When tumors are involved, we work together with the neurosurgeons to offer a comprehensive approach to Hearing & Balance disorders.

There is no other coordinated multidisciplinary team in the New Orleans area as deeply qualified to address hearing and balance issues as CNC Hearing and Balance Center.

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