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Q-Tips & Hearing - CNC Hearing & Balance Center

Q-Tips & Hearing

Q-tips look so innocuous… A white cardboard lollipop-like stick with cotton on each end. How can they possibly be dangerous for your hearing? Believe it or not, earwax, medically known as cerumen, is not dirt. It functions as a lubricant and barrier to dust or dirt entering the ear canal, away from the eardrum. Our […]

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Diabetes & Hearing Loss

Diabetes & Hearing Loss

Diabetes & Hearing Loss  Hearing loss is two times more common in people with diabetes than those without the disease. Many studies have found that diabetes is related to hearing loss at all sound registers. Your ear is a delicate structure. Diabetes takes a toll on the small blood vessels throughout the body, including the […]

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Study finds impaired hearing increases fall risk in seniors.

Hearing Aids: Fact versus Fiction

Although approximately 36 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, the American Speech Language Hearing Association estimates that only about 25% of these people use hearing aids. These five common misconceptions often prevent people from getting the best hearing care possible. Don’t miss out – get the facts from the hearing experts at CNC […]

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Hearing Aid Batteries

Changing Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries Changing your hearing aid batteries is a simple and important step in caring for your device. Hearing aid batteries can be purchased over the counter from drugstores and other places that sell batteries, online, and even in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club and Costco. There are four hearing aid battery sizes […]

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Your Parents Need Hearing Aids?

Do Your Parents Need Hearing Aids?

Your Parents Need Hearing Aids? Here’s How to Get Them to Listen Do you find yourself having to repeat things to your parents more and more frequently as they get older? This common problem can be easy to brush off as an inevitable part of aging, but hearing loss can pose some serious risks such […]

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Easy on the Ears at Jazz Fest

Easy on the Ears at Jazz Fest Heading to Jazz Fest? Have a great time and take some simple steps to protect your hearing.  A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the incidence of hearing loss has risen in past years. It is believed that attendance at music […]

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Hearing Evaluations

The High Cost of Hearing Loss

The High Cost of Hearing Loss             The costs of untreated hearing loss to one’s financial, physical, and mental well-being are much more of a burden than the cost of seeking treatment. Although approximately 38 million adults in the United States have some form of hearing loss, only 16% of those between the ages of […]

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