Exercise for your hearing!

A daily dose of exercise is good for many reasons, including protection against hearing loss, according to a study of women led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  It found that a higher body mass index (BMI), larger waist size, and lower physical activity were associated with an increased risk of hearing loss. The […]

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Cochlear implant device for deaf or hearing impaired people
** Note: Shallow depth of field

Advancements in Cochlear Implants

More and more hearing impaired patients are turning to cochlear implants to restore their hearing. Neurotologist Moises Arriaga, medical director of CNC Hearing and Balance Center, has watched the evolution of cochlear implants over the years.  According to Dr. Arriaga, cochlear implants  are not just for the deaf any more. Cochlear implants can be of […]

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Dr. Moises Arriaga Makes “Best Doctors” List

CNC Hearing and Balance Center Neurotologist Moises Arriaga is listed in the 2018 edition of New Orleans Magazine’s Best Doctors. The list appears in the August issue of the Magazine. As a neurotologist, Dr. Arriaga is trained as both a neurosurgeon and head and neck surgeon. He specializes in the treatment of the ear, facial […]

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Eating healthy food, fruits and vegetables dinner table. Women at home together, top view, flat lay, crop

Study: Women who Eat Right; Hear Well

Here is another reason to eat your fruits and vegetables:  a new study suggests that women who eat a healthy diet may have a lower risk of losing their hearing later in life. According to the study, published in June, 2018, adherence to helpful dietary patterns is associated with a lower risk of hearing loss […]

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Elderly woman with hearing problem on grey background

Presbycusis – Fancy Name for Hearing Loss

It’s very common for our hearing to change as we get older.  Age-related hearing loss, called presbycusis, is a common condition we see at CNC Hearing and Balance Center at our clinics in uptown New Orleans and Marrero. Presbycusis occurs gradually and as changes occur in the inner ear over time. However, hearing loss can […]

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Hearing aids ensure a person with hearing loss is fully engaged with the world around them.

Study: Hearing Loss Increases Risk of Accidental Injury

A person suffering from hearing loss is at greater risk of suffering an accident, new research contends. The new data, published in JAMA Otolaryngology– Head and Neck Surgery, used a sample of 232.2 million working Americans. Of the group, 15.7 percent reported having trouble hearing, and 2.8 percent reported that they were injured in an […]

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chapel hands cup

A Child Hears for the First Time

So far in her three years of life, young Chapel Reed has already experienced life-changing events, the most recent being a rare brain surgery to allow her to hear. A loving family in Vidalia, Louisiana, adopted Chapel from China, just over a year ago. She was born with no outer ears, facial nerve abnormalities and […]

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