Jill deBouchel

jill-prattiniwebJill deBouchel is an independent provider and sees patients for the management of balance disorders and hearing loss. She is supervised by Drs. Moises Arriaga and Frank Culicchia in the management of brain tumors before and after surgery. Jill is nationally certified, and licensed to practice and prescribe medication in the state of Louisiana. She performs physical exams, orders and interprets diagnostic imaging and labs, and can provide referrals. She works at the Marrero clinic as well as at the CNC Hearing and Balance office uptown.


Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Masters and Advanced Practice Training:

Loyola University New Orleans


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Professional Affiliations:

Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Acoustic Neuroma Association

Frequently Treated Problems:

Imbalance Vertigo Meniere’s Disease Vestibular Neuritis Labyrinthitis Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Hearing Loss Acoustic Neuromas Pre and Post op Brain Tumors Cochlear Implants

Primary Supervising Physician:

Moises Arriaga, MD Frank Culicchia, MD

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