Ask the Audiologists: Why Isn’t My Hearing Aid Performing as Well?

ASK AUDIOLOGISTQuestion: I have had my hearing aids for a couple years. At first, I really loved them and heard everything so much better. However, lately, I don’t seem to be hearing as well. What should I do?

Answer: This is a really good question. There are several possible reasons why you may feel you are not benefiting as much from your hearing devices.

Your hearing may have changed. It’s recommended that you have your hearing checked annually. This allows your audiologist to adjust the hearing aids for any changes that might have occurred in your hearing. Your doctor or audiologist can inspect your ear canals for possible wax build-up that can contribute to decreased hearing.

Your hearing aids may need cleaning and/or repair. Such things as ear wax and moisture can affect the performance of hearing devices. It’s important to let your audiologist clean and check your devices on a regular basis. Just like changing the oil in your car, your hearing aids need care and maintenance to perform optimally.

You have adjusted to amplification. Before you got your hearing aids, you were accustomed to living with hearing loss. New hearing aids immediately allow you to hear sounds not heard for many years. The change is often dramatic. However, over time, you adjust to the new sound. That’s good! But it may also mean that you are ready to hear a little more. Your audiologist can help you decide if you need more amplification and, if so, adjust the hearing aids appropriately. Your audiologist is always a good resource for questions about your hearing and hearing aids. Don’t be afraid to ask!