Diagnosing and Treating Acoustic Neuromas

The recent news that Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford underwent surgery to remove a benign brain tumor has focused attention on Acoustic Neuromas.

The medical team at CNC Hearing and Balance Center in New Orleans is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of Acoustic Neuromas, which are tumors of the Hearing and Balance Nerve. They can grow and eventually cause serious risks by pressing on the stem of the brain.  The earliest sign of a tumor is a difference in hearing between one ear and the other. That’s why at the CNC Hearing and Balance Center, our staff completes a medical evaluation for asymmetrical hearing loss to rule out serious conditions besides hearing loss.
According to Neurotologist and CNC Hearing and Balance Center Medical Director Moises Arriaga, when a tumor is diagnosed, there are three management options. For most patients, removing the tumor makes the most sense. For some patients, management with focused radiation like gamma knife will prevent the tumor from growing. For others, observation until the tumor grows is reasonable.  The CNC Hearing team includes Dr. Arriaga, neurosurgeon Dr. Frank Culicchia and a staff of medical and surgical professionals and audiologists. According to Dr. Arriaga, The best results occur with a comprehensive multidisciplinary team.

In the video below, a CNC Hearing patient Anthony P. talks about the surgical treatment of his Acoustic Neuroma.

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Family conversing at dinner. March 3 is World Hearing Day.