Vestibular Rehab Now Available in Slidell

Patients suffering from inner ear and balance issues will be happy to learn that CNC Hearing and Balance Center vestibular therapists are now taking appointments at the Slidell location of Culicchia Neurological Clinic, located at 1051 Gause Blvd., Suite 400.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a highly-specialized form of physical therapy that helps patients maintain their focus while moving so they can better control their balance while standing, sitting, walking, or moving around. “All of those movements are influenced by the inner ear and the brain. Think of it as our body’s central processing center, which sends signals to the eyes to stabilize balance and focus,” explained CNC Hearing and Balance Center Vestibular Therapist Carrie Black, PT, DPT, C/NDT.  “Our vestibular therapists work to re-training patients to process that movement so they no longer experience subjective dizziness or imbalance.”

Who is a candidate for vestibular rehabilitation?

Anyone who suffers from any type of inner ear disorder, including any type of dizziness should consider vestibular rehab or at least undergo an evaluation to determine if there is an inner ear component to what they are experiencing.

“We treat benign positional vertigo, which occurs when little particles of the inner ear fall into the wrong canal and irritate the nerve.  That causes a patient to believe they’re spinning when they’re really not.  A lot of people talk about their “crystals being out of place,” because that’s what’s those particles actually look like under the microscope.  Benign positional vertigo must be specifically diagnosed and treated. Usually, it doesn’t go away on its own,” Black said.

Patients suffering from an inner ear infection people will have often severe vertigo spells. Often the infection will clear up but patients are still left with an imbalance. Also, patients suffering from Meniere’s Disease also benefit from vestibular therapy.

Patients with a history of migraines often suffer from imbalance issues and should consider vestibular rehab, according to Black.  Many migraine patients start to suffer from dizzy spells, and motion sensitivity, and nausea, over time.

CNC Hearing and Balance Center offers vestibular rehabilitation therapy every day at the clinic’s Marrero location from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Therapists are also available at the CNC Hearing uptown clinic in New Orleans every Wednesday and now, at the Slidell clinic for half a day on Fridays. To make an appointment call 504-934-8140.

Balance evaluations are covered by most insurances with a referral from your doctor.