Changing Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries

Changing your hearing aid batteries is a simple and important step in caring for your device. Hearing aid batteries can be purchased over the counter from drugstores and other places that sell batteries, online, and even in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club and Costco. There are four hearing aid battery sizes to choose from, but according to Audiologist Brittany Thomas of CNC Hearing and Balance Center, smaller sizes have become increasingly popular with the rise in popularity of smaller hearing aids. The size of the battery determines its lifespan, but on average, hearing aid batteries can be expected to last 7-10 days depending on the degree of usage.

For those who are concerned that replacing their battery weekly could get expensive, Dr. Thomas reassures that the price is nothing to fear. “Batteries generally cost about fifty cents to a dollar per battery,” she says, “So it may seem like a lot to have to change it every week, but really when you break that price down it’s not a big commitment.” She also points out that disposable batteries have a distinct edge over rechargeable ones, as they can help avoid sticky situations such as a battery dying while away from home and not being able to recharge it; a disposable battery can easily be replaced on the go.

Once you select your hearing aid batteries, it is important not to activate them until you are ready to use them. Batteries are “air activated” by removing a sticker, and once the sticker is removed the battery will immediately begin draining. If you remove the sticker too early, then, the battery will drain even if you are not using it, and you will not get the maximum use out of it. Be sure to make the most of your batteries so that you can adjust to the most efficient hearing aid care routine possible!  

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