Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance

Hearing aids are electronic devices that are extremely beneficial to millions of people world-wide. Like any type of technology, they need to be taken care of and maintained. If you have a hearing aid, it is important to keep your hearing aid investment in tip-top condition.

General Advice

In order to keep your hearing aid working for many years and minimize problems, it is important to treat your hearing aid with care. Hearing aids may seem strong, but they can also be damaged without proper use and care.


Always make sure that you wash your hands and dry them thoroughly prior to touching your hearing aid device. The microphone device is very small and can become blocked with particles if not handled with care.


Always remove your hearing aid before bathing or swimming. When you are not wearing the device, store your device away from humid climates like bathrooms and also remove the battery from the device  if you are not using the device for a while. Remember to clean your ears of moisture prior to inserting the hearing aid devices.

Pets & Children

Store your hearing device in a safe place where pets and children cannot reach it. It is best to store your hearing aid in a case away from dirt, moisture, pets and animals.

Hairspray, Lotion, Makeup

Make sure that if you use powder makeup or hairspray to keep it away from your device. The particles can clog the microphone input and volume control switch. If you use lotion, make sure that you wash your hands prior to touching your device.


It is important to leave repairs to the experts. The delicate technology is sensitive and can  be destroyed through improper handling.

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