High and Low Frequencies Matter

Buying a hearing aid? Then you will want to be sure and know the difference between high and low frequencies or pitches. Speech includes a spectrum of different sounds. There are low pitches or low frequencies and high pitches or high frequencies.

Generally, low pitches are vowel sounds and the high pitches or high frequencies are consonant sounds. The difference between hat, bat, cat and rat are all consonant sounds or high frequency sounds.

So if you were in a noisy environment and someone commented on your hat and if you are missing the high frequencies you might think they saw a rat and totally misunderstand.

Those frequencies can make a big difference in terms of understanding or being frustrated.

At CNC Hearing & Balance Center, our audiologists use Real Ear and Speech mapping verification procedures with hearing aid fittings and hearing aid adjustments to maximize hearing aid benefit across the speech frequencies for each patient’s hearing loss and individual ear canal resonance features. Call us for an appointment at one of our offices in New Orleans, Marrero or Mandeville.

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