UPDATE: Office Status and Prescription Refills

Friday, Sept. 3  – Culicchia Neurological and CNC Hearing and Balance Center offices will remain closed until power is restored and local infrastructure services can safely accommodate our patients and staff.

Because so many of our patients are displaced out of town, we are asking patients in need of prescription refills to ask your pharmacist – whether in your hometown or out of town – to submit your refill request to your Culicchia Neurological physician who will review it. That way, the prescription will be available for pickup at the pharmacy making the request. If the pharmacist is unable to do so, please use the patient portal on our website to submit your refill request. Please be sure to note the location of the pharmacy where you need the prescription refilled. Should you have any questions about using the portal, please call the portal support line at 866-662-6161. Because of privacy concerns, we are unable to correspond with patients about their healthcare via social media. Thank you for your patience as we get through these challenging times together.

We know how important it is that our patients have access to care, especially at this time. We are committed to reconnecting our patients to their physicians as soon as possible.