The Risks of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is actually an important medical condition. It’s not just an inconvenience and it’s not just humorous when you mishear and think someone said something different than what they actually intended.

There’s very clear data now, particularly in large studies, that show that untreated hearing loss is actually a risk factor for dementia and other cognitive disorders. It’s not very hard to imagine that someone can become isolated or even depressed over hearing loss which can cause confusion and isolation.

Untreated hearing loss is a risk factor for falls and imbalance. We rely on hearing to help us in terms of understanding the threats in our environment. Many years ago, when people had hearing loss and didn’t want hearing aids, we considered it an elective, personal decision.

Now, it’s really a medical decision. Not treating hearing loss, particularly in the elderly, puts them at higher risk for cognitive decline, dementia, isolation, depression and even balance disorders. At CNC Hearing and Balance Center, we strongly recommend that if you’ve got hearing loss or you suspect an elderly person in your family has hearing loss, they should be evaluated and at least go through a trial and an evaluation of some of the treatment strategies, including a review of the hearing devices that are now available.

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