Vertigo and Vestibular Therapy

When Cheryl Gerhardt experienced her first bout of vertigo six years ago, it threw her for a loop, figuratively speaking.

No one likes the feeling that you have lost your equilibrium and that you are helpless in a world that seems off its axis. That is how Cheryl felt 6 years ago when her doctor referred her to CNC Hearing & Balance Center Neurotologist Moises Arriaga. Dr. Arriaga ran a battery of diagnostic tests to rule out a more serious reason for her imbalance.

The tests revealed that Cheryl had a virus which had settled in her vestibular artery causing her extreme dizziness. Dr. Arriaga prescribed medications and a course of specialized vestibular physical therapy at the CNC Hearing Clinic in Marrero. After series of physical therapy sessions with specialist Carrie Black at CNC Hearing & Balance Center, Cheryl’s vertigo resolved.

It came as quite a surprise when the vertigo returned 6 years later. “Apparently, I had the perfect storm of symptoms,” Cheryl recalls. “I caught a cold and that triggered my asthma and the vertigo came back.”

This time, Cheryl made an appointment with CNC Hearing & Balance Center on the Northshore. “The clinic is practically across the street from my house,” Cheryl says. “It’s really convenient to visit the Mandeville clinic.”

Nurse Practictioner Sarah McGuire says Cheryl’s case is complex and involves multiple causes of her symptoms (dizziness and imbalance). “She’s been managed with a team approach with vestibular physical therapy playing a large role; combined with medications to decrease excess fluid in her inner ear and to decrease the sensitivity of her vestibular system, as well as dietary adjustments. Her symptoms have improved as a result.”

“I have a lot of respect for CNC Hearing,” Cheryl says. “Sarah is confident and really knows her stuff.”

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