Water in your hearing aid

Accidents happen and this summer’s heat increases the chances that your hearing aid might get exposed to moisture from the pool or a sudden rain shower.  Here are a few tips for keeping your hearing device dry and operational.

  • Always remove your hearing aid before bathing or swimming or going out into heavy rain.
  • When you are not wearing the device, store your device away from humid climates like bathrooms.
  • Remove the battery if you are not using your hearing device for a while.
  • Dry any perspiration in your outer ear regularly.
  • Remember to clean your ears of moisture prior to inserting your hearing aid device.

If your hearing device does get wet, dry it off gently with a towel. Open the battery door fully to allow air to circulate. Whenever you are not using your hearing aids, especially at night or for longer periods of time, and consider using a drying kit.


How to use a hearing aid dryer

Hearing device manufacturer Widex offers the following instructions on how to use a hearing aid dryer:

Hearing Aid Dryers are small jewelry or watch like boxes that use air and heat to dry hearing aids. They’re available for all hearing aids, both rechargeable and conventional ones, and they’re generally easy to use. For conventional hearing aids, you simply place the hearing aids in the drying box, close it up again and hit the start button.
Drying can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours.

CNC Hearing and Balance Center sells hearing aid dryers.  Please call our clinic for more information: 504-934-8320.

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