When to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

When is it time to upgrade your Hearing Device?

The Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor - Behind-the-ear solution - Hearing Aid

The Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor –
Behind-the-ear solution

Your hearing aid will typically last between 3 and 7 years. If you properly care and maintain your hearing aid, it may last even longer. There are a lot of variables that will affect the longevity of your hearing aid from environmental conditions to the amount of use. 

Technology Updates

Like any technology, there are continuous advancements for hearing aids. New devices are smaller and even smarter. For those patients that prefer to be on the cutting edge, you can expect to update your hearing aids every 2 to 3 years. Today, many hearing aids can connect to smartphones and even have enhanced speech comprehension. However, for those patients who are not concerned with the latest and greatest, there are a few ways that you can tell when it is time to reassess your hearing options.

It’s time to upgrade:

Hearing becomes more difficult.

Your hearing can change over time. Your hearing device can be adjusted by your hearing specialist to a certain point. Eventually, if  hearing becomes more difficult, you will have to upgrade to a hearing device model with more amplification or improved technology

Hearing Aid just doesn’t work the same

Over time, like any technology and wearable device, your hearing aid will age and will need to be replaced. Even if you properly maintain and clean your hearing aid, sooner or later you may find that you are going through batteries faster. You may also see that you hear a buzzing or feedback. These are all signs that your hearing aid may need to be updated. 

Your needs and expectation have changed

If you lifestyle, job, or hobbies have changed, you may need to change your hearing aid model. For example, if you are required to talk on the phone for your job or you work in a place with a lot of noise, you may want to upgrade your device. 

There are a variety of reasons to upgrade your hearing aids that range from needs to wants. Either way, a new device can be a wonderful improvement for you daily life. Since you are already knowledgeable about the benefits and uses of hearing aids, the transition will be fairly seamless. If you are interested in learning more about the latest and greatest hearing aid technology, call CNC Hearing and Balance Center and schedule an appointment. 

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